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Set 6 Coaster - Mondrian

€6.53 Price

Set of 6 double-sided laminated pankaster cardboard coasters from our Inspired by Art collection. Composition in primary colors inspired by the work of painter Piet Mondrian.

Fabric Vase - Mondrian

€9.83 Price

Bottle cover in cotton fabric to be used as a flower’s vase.

Design inspired by combinations of primary colors inspired on Mondrian’s work. 

Lampshade - Mondrian

€6.20 Price

Lampshade screen inspired by Mondrian's painting.

This product has been designed to be used with wineglasses with a mouth width diameter between 6,5 and 8 cm (2,5 to 3,1 inches). Broader diameters may result into an unstable use.

Wineglass not included.

Easy to assemble. 

Coin Purse - Mondrian

€23.14 Price

A small leatherette case as for bills and coins, cards or a small camera.
Design based on a composition of primary colors inspired on the work of artist Piet Mondrian.