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Shopping bag - Van Gogh...

€11.53 Price

Shopping bag inspired by Van Gogh and his painting "Almond Blossom ".

It can carry 20 kg.

History of the table:

Painted for his nephew and newborn godson, this work shows a luminous Van Gogh, full of optimism for the birth of the baby, who would be baptized with the name of Vincent.

Spring came to Arles and influenced by Japanese prints, Van Gogh paints this ode to a new life, to nature. The light seems to radiate from the painting.

But not only is a symbol of his nephew's new life perceived. The painter also wants to capture a possible new life for himself and his artistic future, although as we know, the artist would pass away only three months after finishing this masterpiece.

Plate Rosette Gaudí

€48.76 Price

Ceramic plate made and painted by hand in Barcelona inspired by the rosette of the Park Güell designed by Gaudí.