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Book - Gaudí. The Unique...

€26.92 Price

This book shows the mastery and genius of Gaudí at its fullest, through all his works with the best photographs, texts describing each work, elevation maps, models isometric projections and exclusive videos.

Picasso. In the Museum.

€14.38 Price

Picasso is undoubtedly one of the most versatile artists of the twentieth century. The strength of his work, pure creative energy, is both a valuable and influential legacy. This book focuses on the artist's evolution through his works that, from his youth to maturity, are exhibited in the Picasso Museum of Barcelona.

Dalí. His life's work.

€12.98 Price

Salvador Dalí extended his fascinating imaginary language to all areas of art, and it was where he reflected his overflowing and overwhelming personality, making him one of the main artistic references of all time. This book provides a thorough overview about the most important works of the artist's life.