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Modern Art Journal

€13.22 Price

This "Modern Art Journal" is no ordinary art book, so grab your pencils and pens and unleash your creativity in the company of some of the world's great modern artists: Frida Kahlo, Louise Burgeois, Renné Magritte , Pablo Picasso...

Play Barcelona

€13.18 Price

The best way to move around the city in the most fun way and that will allow the whole family to remember all the corners of the city easily through the 50 activities, games and tests that we invite you to do. You will also find a giant map, bestial stickers, cutouts to give volume to your adventure, a customizable passport and many more things!

Historia del Arte en 21 Gatos

€15.34 Price

What did Picasso, Monet, and Georgia O'Keefe have in common? Exactly: all three were great artists ... and great lovers of cats.

Discover the main pictorial movements by the hand of 21 kittens experts in art. The cubist cat, the rococo, the surreal cat ...

A sea of stories: Dalí

€11.49 Price

A tale about Dalí that describes the painter's extravagant genius.

Texts by the journalist and writer Jordi Nopca.

Illustrations by Albert Arrayás.