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Magritte Earrings

€28.93 Price

Hoop earring with a blue bird with white clouds, based on the work of the Belgian painter René Magritte, "La grande famille".

© René Magritte, VEGAP, Barcelona, ​​2022

Art print The Swan Hilma Af...

€23.97 Price

Illustration of two swans in black and white meeting beak halfway on a black and white background and a text below. Beautiful print with a lovely motif perfect for any room of the house.

Artist: Hilma af Klint

Dove Necklace

€28.93 Price

Necklace with a white dove inspired by the work of Belgian surrealist painters.

With antiallergic and adjustable chain. Made of laser-cut wood, with local suppliers, in Barcelona.

© VEGAP, Barcelona, ​​2022

Set 6 Coaster - Mondrian

€6.53 Price

Set of 6 double-sided laminated pankaster cardboard coasters from our Inspired by Art collection. Composition in primary colors inspired by the work of painter Piet Mondrian.

Eyes with tear Earrings

€32.23 Price

The memory of everything we have experienced has been the source of inspiration for many artists over the years. Both the Egyptians and the surrealists have used the eye to represent this passing of time. Earring with anti-allergic hook closure with an eye and a teardrop. Hand painted and made of laser cut wood in Barcelona.

Matisse Earrings

€32.23 Price

Green, pink, yellow or blue? Why choose a simple color when you can combine them however you want?

Earring with antiallergic pin closure. Made with geometric shapes of laser cut wood in Barcelona. Designed by Joan Ayguadé Jarque and Marta Chojnacka.

"Femme devant la lune" Miró...

€73.55 Price

Earrings taken from the work "Femme devant la lune II. Joan Miró", by Joan Miró, 1974. Made of 24 K gold-plated metal. Composition of a large moon with a star at the bottom. Closure with pressure.

Eye in a mouth Earrings

€29.75 Price

Inspired by Mae West's seductive lips, the surrealist painters designed sophisticated red sofas. We take up their creation and transform them into these iconic earrings.

Gold hoop closure earrings with red lips and one eye. Made in Barcelona with laser cut wood.

Matisse Necklace

€32.23 Price

Reversible necklace with adjustable chain. Designed by Marta Chojnacka & Joan Ayguadé Jarque, the ideal accessory for any occasion.

Miró "Parler seul" Earrings

€81.82 Price

Earrings taken from one of the motifs in the work "Parler seul", by Joan Miró, 1948. Made of 24K gold-plated matte metal and with red cold enamel on the top part. Closure with pressure.

Historia del Arte en 21 Gatos

€15.34 Price

What did Picasso, Monet, and Georgia O'Keefe have in common? Exactly: all three were great artists ... and great lovers of cats.

Discover the main pictorial movements by the hand of 21 kittens experts in art. The cubist cat, the rococo, the surreal cat ...