We wanted to incorporate long-standing brands with a long history into board games: Ravensburger, ThinkFun and Londji. Artgaudí has ​​chosen from his wide catalog a selection of board games for all audiences. Shall we show them to you?

For the little ones of the family we have games like Meow or Memo Wild Life by Londji. Two wonderful examples of games well done, where kids can exercise their memory and play with balance.

Rush HourCat Crimes and Letra a Letra are mental agility games and are suitable for ages 8 and up. At Artgaudí we believe that they are very interesting games due to their versatility. You will not be disappointed!

For the oldest of the house we have Strike and Strike Harry Potter, two super fun games in which dice and chance will play a very important role. They hook butt!

Hey! And for the most trained in this world we also have options. We have brought Puerto RicoCastles of Burgundy and Disney Villainous to jointly rake our brains. You sign up?

Discover our selection!