On April 23, the Sant Jordi Day is celebrated in Catalonia. Legend has it that a knight named Jordi killed a dragon that had frightened an entire town. A rose appears from the dragon's blood. The Sant Jordi Day in Catalan countries is a festival that is celebrated on Book Day and the Rose Fair, symbols of culture and love. It is tradition to give a book and a rose to the people you love.

From Artgaudí you can give away Art Books related to our great Catalan painters such as Salvador Dalí, Joan MiróPablo Picasso ...

We also have a selection of books related to the history and architecture of our genius Antoni Gaudí, showing the mastery of all his works such as the Sagrada Familia, La Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, El Park Güell, La Casa Vicens and many more .

Books related to the city of Barcelona where we can see different tours through its streets, buildings and monuments and more creative and fun books related to art.

Books related to gastronomy, which offer culinary routes, the best tapas, the most representative recipes and some emblematic places of our city.

Give a book, give culture. Celebrate Sant Jordi with Artgaudí!