We’re really stressed. Not only because the lockdown of the last month ago but also for our daily homeworks, work, meetings, home chores… That’s why puzzle, crafts and table games are leaving a comeback. 

Puzzles, crafts and games let you be in a new world where the only purpose is to focus in one objective: complete the puzzle or win the game at hand. And that is cool! You’ve got that time to avoid the daily noise and chill while you’re with your friends or family. 

Some building team experts talk about some reasons of this return of the puzzles, crafts and table games. We list them for you: 

We want more human interaction 

Since all kind of screens appear at our lifes the interaction between humans was become more cold. Puzzles, crafts and table games help people of all ages to establish new relationships. This technology overload that we all life is reduced by playing a game with your kids or starting a puzzle by yourself. 

Spend more family time

As a familiar shop, Artgaudi always bets for an education of values. We think puzzles, crafts and table games allows all members of the family to enter a world of fun, entertainment and learning. At the end, all that shared moments will built the memories of our childs.

Happiness increase and stress decreases

Puzzles, crafts and board games can distract you from this stressful life we all live. While you’re playing, endorphins - that are the cause of your happiness - increases. Laughs and new challenges with your family and friends can be a great solutions to be more happy and have less stress. 

Artgaudi offers you lots of options of puzzle, crafts and table games, all inspired by artists such as Van Gogh, Klimt or Hokusai or  in our city - Barcelona-  and the most important buildings created by Gaudi. Find the one that best fits your!