We speak with Idmary Hernández, an illustrator born in Venezuela and currently living in Australian lands. From a young age Idmary knew that she was passionate about nothing as much as art, and so she decided to embark on her journey as an artist.

Idmary Hernández graduated from the city of Sarasota, in Florida, USA and from there began to travel to get inspired and create her unique style. Due to his thirst for adventure, he has had the opportunity to live in cities such as Florence, London and Barcelona, in the latter he officially started his artistic brand. His Illustrations have been used for a wide variety of souvenir collections, various household products, as well as editorial illustrations and personal projects. All this always with the help of a good coffee and an occasional glass of wine.

When did you start illustrating? 

  Since I was very little, my mother is an art teacher and always kept me surrounded by brushes, paints and blank sheets to create.

Where does Idmary's inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from everything that surrounds me on a daily basis, from morning coffee to an outing with friends; the city where I live, the people who pass by the street ... For me it is very important to tell a story through my illustrations, whether with an interesting character, a place or an experience.

What artists or artistic movements have influenced your work?

I remember growing up buying Jordi Labanda notebooks, I loved the freshness and originality of his personals, and the combination of art and editorial fashion was initially a great influence for me. Then when I entered the world of illustration I discovered a universe full of many modern artists who keep me inspired and creative. Currently I follow Bodil Jane, Libby Vanderploeg, Brunna Mancuso, Sara Barnes, Angela Mckay, Pascal Campion and many others a lot.

What do you want to transmit with your works?

Warmth, happiness, motivation and an emotion.

What does the word "art" mean to you?

It is everything that visually makes an impact and excitement, from the colors of a sunset to a beautiful dish decorated in a restaurant.

My favorite place / thing in Barcelona is ....

Barcelona is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in which I have had the opportunity to live. There are so many things and places that I love about her that it's hard to choose just one. But if I have to choose, it would be getting lost in the small streets of Born and discovering a new store, a new café or bar. Or sit on a terrace and drink a vermouth.