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El Dorado

€37.15 Price

Are you ready to live an exciting adventure in search of the city of gold?

You will have to form a group of brave adventurers to guide them on an expedition through the jungle of South America. You will have to plan the route well, hire the right professionals and get the necessary equipment. To get to El Dorado and win you will have to take the best route.

2-4 players

10+ years old

Disney Villainous Wicked to...

€41.28 Price

Get into the role of a Disney Villain!

To win, you will have to explore your character's unique abilities and figure out how to achieve your personal goal, related to your Villain's story. In each Villain Guide you will find strategies and tips to achieve victory. Once you've figured out the best way to play a certain Villain, try playing another. There are three different Villains and each one achieves victory in a different way!

2-4 players

10+ years old

40-60 minutes

Hokusai Poker

€4.88 Price

Póker playing cards with a design inspired by the Hokusai'¡s famous painting.