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Modern Art Journal

€13.22 Price

This "Modern Art Journal" is no ordinary art book, so grab your pencils and pens and unleash your creativity in the company of some of the world's great modern artists: Frida Kahlo, Louise Burgeois, Renné Magritte , Pablo Picasso...

Play Barcelona

€13.18 Price

The best way to move around the city in the most fun way and that will allow the whole family to remember all the corners of the city easily through the 50 activities, games and tests that we invite you to do. You will also find a giant map, bestial stickers, cutouts to give volume to your adventure, a customizable passport and many more things!

Historia del Arte en 21 Gatos

€15.34 Price

What did Picasso, Monet, and Georgia O'Keefe have in common? Exactly: all three were great artists ... and great lovers of cats.

Discover the main pictorial movements by the hand of 21 kittens experts in art. The cubist cat, the rococo, the surreal cat ...

A sea of stories: Dalí

€11.49 Price

A tale about Dalí that describes the painter's extravagant genius.

Texts by the journalist and writer Jordi Nopca.

Illustrations by Albert Arrayás.

Let's explore Barcelona!

€14.38 Price

A guide to discover Barcelona with the family. 35 missions and puzzles to solve. Follow the routes, scan the QR codes and discover the secrets of Barcelona. Collect points and get your explorer diploma!

El arte, ¡menuda cochinada!

€12.02 Price

Small manual of the stain well done.

Converting stains into works of art is an art! Following the example of famous artists such as Miró, Pollock or Calder, the little ones will find in this book a space of creation and initiation to the art world in the most fun way, without fear of stains: the more, the better !

Texts by Sandrine Andrews and translation by Mercè Ubach.

Book "40 juegos universales...

€15.66 Price

The book "40 juegos universales sin caducidad y sin género" is a compilation of games of a lifetime, with which we will discover that playing unites us all through space and time, and with which we hope to infect the desire to play.

Culinary Backstreet...

€8.22 Price

Culinary Backstreets covers the authentic food scene and offers guided food tours in several of the world’s greatest gastro-capitals. While the stomach should ideally serve as the best compass, the truth is that it’s hard to find your way without good local advice. That’s where Culinary Backstreets comes in.

Gaudi and Trencadis Mosaic

€23.14 Price

This book takes the reader on a step-by-step journey, going through all of Gaudi’s works where he used this technique, explaining the historical and cultural background of the architect; the different techniques of the older brother of trencadís, the classical mosaic and the Arab world; as well as the different materials used by Gaudi to make trencadís and its functionality.

Barcelona Express

€5.74 Price

In this guide we explain the city to you following the routes and stops of the two tourist bus companies that cover the city: Barcelona Bus Turístic and Barcelona City Tour. However, we also add the metro stations for those who prefer to visit the city their own way.