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Puzzle Day&Night Barcelona

€15.62 Price

Come along with us and discover the 1001 stories we tell you about Barcelona. 

A 36-pieces reversible amazing puzzle!

3/8 years

Book "40 juegos universales...

€15.66 Price

The book "40 juegos universales sin caducidad y sin género" is a compilation of games of a lifetime, with which we will discover that playing unites us all through space and time, and with which we hope to infect the desire to play.

Historia del Arte en 21 Gatos

€15.34 Price

What did Picasso, Monet, and Georgia O'Keefe have in common? Exactly: all three were great artists ... and great lovers of cats.

Discover the main pictorial movements by the hand of 21 kittens experts in art. The cubist cat, the rococo, the surreal cat ...

Game I speak 6 languages

€23.97 Price

A game to fall in love with languages. Learn 100 words in 6 languages in an easy and fun way. 

2-6 players

6-106 ages

15 minutes